Lalit Patel was born in the small village of Kutch in Gujarat. His family, though loving, was trapped in the clutches of poverty. His father, Ramesh, worked as a farmer, while his mother, Sita, took care of Lalit and his younger sister, Anjali.

They lived in a modest mud house, surrounded by acres of farmland that yielded barely enough to sustain them. From a young age, Lalit showed a keen interest in his studies. He dreamed of a life beyond the confines of his village, but his family's financial struggles were a constant reminder of the challenges ahead.

Despite the hardships, he was a bright student, often topping his class. His teachers saw potential in him and encouraged him to aim high. However, life took a harsh turn when Lalit's father fell severely ill. The medical expenses drained the family's meager savings, and they were forced to borrow money.

The burden of debt weighed heavily on Lalit's shoulders, and he felt a deep sense of responsibility to support his family. At the same time, Lalit experienced his first heartbreak when his childhood friend, Priya, moved to the city for better education and opportunities.

The separation left him feeling more isolated and despondent. To support his family, Lalit started working odd jobs after school.

He would help his mother in the fields, run errands for neighbors, and even repair bicycles. Despite his efforts, the family's situation did not improve significantly. One day, while walking through the village, he saw an advertisement for a newspaper delivery job in the nearby town of Bhuj.

The pay was modest, but it was a steady source of income. Lalit decided to take the job, waking up at the crack of dawn to deliver newspapers before school. Every morning, Lalit would ride his bicycle through the streets of Bhuj, delivering newspapers to homes and shops.

The job was exhausting, but it allowed him to contribute to the household expenses and save a little for his future. He also developed a keen interest in the newspapers he delivered, reading them whenever he had spare time.

The stories of successful entrepreneurs and leaders inspired him and fueled his determination to rise above his circumstances. Years passed, and Lalit completed his schooling with top marks. He earned a scholarship to a college in Ahmedabad, where he studied business administration.

To be continued...